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We have a highly professional and motivated team of teachers, who are dedicated, caring, dynamic, and competent to teach the tiny tots with utmost understanding and patience. The friendly and nurturing atmosphere enabled by our teachers lets our children explore and express themselves freely.

We aim to aid the budding minds in their holistic development by providing them a child-friendly environment at our school. We infuse care and love in all the aspects of learning to satiate the inquisitive mind of a child through clarity of concepts. Every child is special in this happy world of Junior DPS.

We have focused workbooks, activity and educational CDs that have been specially brought together for our budding geniuses. The learning materials are wisely implemented through comprehensive, detailed, and child-centric lesson plans, which are carefully researched and developed by our dedicated teachers.

Our teaching programs aim to ensure all-round personality development of the young ones, with a special focus on inculcating basic mannerisms, making friends, teamwork, and meeting new people. At Junior DPS, we cater to the fundamental developmental needs of each of our pupils with sheer honesty and pure affection.

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Welcome to Junior DPS Gaya

Junior DPS aims to cater to the preschool section of the nation with its advanced approach to the early development of children. With a focus on value-based teaching and grooming of the young buds, our institution strives to offer a structured learning process in an innovative and systematic manner. The outcome is a fun-filled learning experience that perfectly caters to the sensibilities and understandings of the tender minds.

Yoga Classes

JUNIOR DPS is the pioneer training hub for kids yoga. We have introduced many families to yoga with a unique holistic approach that specifically addresses the needs and capabilities of children.

Music & Dance Classes

JUNIOR DPS has highly trained and experienced professional who have joined together to impart high quality trainings in the field of dance and music. We provide trainings in the field of Indian Classical and Western styles of dances.

Personality Development

Personality Development means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to your life. Each individual has a distinct persona that can be developed, polished and refined.

Spoken Classes

Welcome to JUNIOR DPS Spoken English. Some simple lessons will teach you secrets to speaking English. We will teach you common pronunciation changes that English speakers make. These changes are informal and rarely taught to a person learning English.


Our daughter Avisha Awasthi was a student of Pre-nursery In Junior DPS, Janakpuri during 2018-19. During this time period, Ms. Sheila was her class teacher. We are Indebted to her who groorned the child In a truly professional manner. She Is a wonderful lady who treats the children in a very kind manner and the 

Rakesh Kumar